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Red Banana Large box

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Exotic fruits USA bring the juiciest and flavorful natural delicacies of Red bananas. Red bananas are a variety of bananas with reddish-purple skin. They are smaller and plumper than the common Cavendish banana. When ripe, raw red bananas have a flesh that is cream to light pink in color. They are also softer and sweeter than the yellow Cavendish varieties, with a slight raspberry-banana flavor.

Many red bananas are imported from producers in Asia and South America. They are a favorite in Central America but are sold throughout the world. Red bananas should have a deep red or maroon rind when ripe, and are best eaten when not bruised and slightly soft. The redder the fruit, the more carotene and the higher the vitamin C level as with yellow bananas.

Red bananas are eaten in the same way as yellow bananas, by peeling the fruit before eating and are fresh and flavorful. They are frequently eaten raw whole or chopped and added to desserts and fruit salads but can also be baked, fried and toasted. Red bananas are also commonly sold dried in stores. Our Red Bananas are hand packed and shipped, and arrive to your door at their best. Treat yourself and friends to only the best Red Bananas Our Red bananas are packed to order the day they ship and are most juicy and flavorful when they arrive to your door.

Every Red banana is hand packed on the day we ship them. Many of our competitors pre-pack their offerings sometimes weeks before the gift is actually shipped. Our quality and freshness are absolutely our first concerns. We include only the best treat for you. Send the best premium mouth watering Red bananas as gifts. Year-round