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Pink Pineapple Pink Pineapples - Yes, you got, Pink pineapple with pink flesh. It turns out this Diamond of the Pineapple is more complex than meets the eye, these pretty pink creations taste different than regular pineapples. They’re less sour than what you might be used to, as well as juicier and sweeter, and less acidic than the standard yellow pineapple. The flesh is pale pink with a juicy, soft, semi-fibrous, and tender consistency and a central core much like a standard pineapple. each pink pineapple is hand-harvested to ensure quality and is therefore very limited.

Hawaii Shipping Restrictions - this item, unfortunately, cannot be shipped to Hawaii

Ripening and Storage:

Whole pink pineapples will keep at room temperature for 1 to 3 days and in the refrigerator for 4 to 7 days. Sliced fruit will keep for 1 to 3 days when stored in a sealed container in the fridge.

Suggested Uses:

Cut off the rind, then slice the flesh into cubes or spears, removing the tough core, just as you would a traditional pineapple.

Eat pink pineapple fresh, cut up into fruit salads, blended into smoothies and sorbets, juiced into fruit punches, diced in salsa, used in cocktails such as Pina Coladas and margaritas, or placed in sparkling water. They can also be lightly grilled with meat skewers or used in sauces and marinades.

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