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Jujube were introduced into to the U. S. in 1837 It was not until 1908 that improved Chinese selections were introduced by the USDA. Jujube is a drupe, varying from round to elongate and from cherry-size to plum-size depending on cultivar. Jujube has a thin, edible skin surrounding whitish flesh of sweet, agreeable flavor.

The single hard stone contains two seeds. The immature fruit is green in color, but as it ripens it goes through a yellow-green stage with mahogany-colored spots appearing on the skin as the fruit ripens further. The fully mature fruit is entirely red. Shortly after becoming fully red, the fruit begins to soften and wrinkle. The fruit can be eaten after it becomes wrinkled, but most people prefer them during the interval between the yellow-green stage and the full red stage. At this stage the flesh is crisp and sweet, reminiscent of an apple. Under dry conditions jujubes lose moisture, shrivel and become spongy inside.

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