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Home Sweet Home is where your customers will want to take Exotic Fruits USA.com California Crab Apples and Lady Apples. Our Crab Apples are firm, well-colored, and have a fresh fragrance. Because of their sweet and sour flavor and high pectin content,Exotic Fruits.com Crab Apples are usually not eaten raw but are widely used to make outstanding jams and jellies. These small fruits make a delicious accompaniment to pork and poultry.
Simply core apples, bake until hot (about 20 minutes) and serve. Another tiny apple, the Lady Apple, also available in a 10# unit from Exotic Fruits USA .com , can range in color from brilliant red to yellow with some red blushing. Its flesh is sweet-tart and can be eaten raw or cooked. Our Lady Apples are a favorite garnish.
Our Crab Apples are best known for making delectable jellies and chutneys (an excellent complement to any meat dish). They are not usually consumed raw due to their tart flavor. With their charming size and variations in color, these petite apples create a simple centerpiece in a bowl and also make an attractive addition to a wreath.
Selection, Storage & Handling:Exotic Fruits USA.com Crab Apples should have smooth, firm, unbroken surfaces free of bruises and blemishes. Some apples may have a brownish freckled surface on their skin, usually caused by weather, but their flavor is unaffected. To keep apples crisp, store refrigerated, in a plastic bag (to retain moisture). Fresh Hand Picked 3 lbs. in your box This item is perishable and ships 2nd Day. Product pricing includes 2nd Day shipping upgrade (Standard shipping rates still apply).
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