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Such creative and unbelievably good Exotic Fruits each month. "We have been an Exotic Fruits USA.com customer since they spread out their doors. Exotic Fruits USA.com sells only quality products and it’s always exciting to get a shipment because we know we’ll get to experience awesome new items that have been selected by seasoned professionals. It's time for those family trips to start We especially enjoy their exotic fruits which turned us on to smaller fruitier that we never would have found on our own. Such creative and unbelievably good fruits each month. Whether we gift a single or multiple months, without a question, it’s a gift that will be enjoyed and not end up in the spring donation bin! Thank you to all the Exotic Fruits USA employees for the excellent merchandise and service!"
Mark & Cindy Beverly Hills CA

Exotic Fruits USA offers an extraordinary assortment of exotic fruit that will suit just about anyone. I really love ordering things from them because the products they ship are always on time and are unique to the trade that you have placed. What could be more honest than a fruit gift that keeps giving? Because Exotic Fruits USA sends the gifts continuously, your receiver feels as though they receive a new gift each month! Who doesn't love getting packages in the postal service, especially when they differ from the previous month? You never know just what you are getting, but you know it will be great. Exotic Fruits USA is a creative means to expose someone to the variety that exists within each product. I have sent just about everyone in my family a new exotic fruit Gift and I find no reason to stop!"
Klaudia Smith

"Your Website rocks and how could I not place an order with so many great choices!!"
John Parker
Prior to discovering Exotic Fruits USA, I would just pass on my new home clients a gift card to Target; they may not remember who helped them buy it. I had been expecting for a cost effective gift that would arrive monthly. Other clubs offer 3, 6 or 12-month plans, but the monthly Option that Exotic Fruits USA Club offers were perfect and the wide selection is bound to offer a choice for every customer. For the last 1 years I have been signing up my New Home clients for an "Exotic Treat of the Season" at closing, I give them a "certificate", and admit them to choose what treat I will order.
Andy Rogers New York

My fellow and I broke up over your Exotic Fruit Club! (Only for one day). I love the fruits that we obtain from your club and he's so crabby about time that we got into a big Fight over it! He said that I was feeding the best jumbo fruits to him before he had a chance to gives it to me, but he just takes too long and I can't help myself! Turns out he was cheating on me with fruits I thought you would appreciate Our story. Somebody is doing an OUTSTANDING job selecting the fruits.
" Amy Harris, FL . "
... Two Words... Flavor Packed! I've never tasted such fruits. The flavors are so focused. It's blowing me away. And just as I was wondering why this is, you explained in the newsletter that it's because the fruit flavor becomes more vivid. Very cool stuff."
Joe R., WA

"My wife drew me this membership for my our marriage anniversary and at first I thought, "what the heck was she is doing to me with her marriage license?!" But I must confess, I've actually enjoyed trying such rare fruits each month. That Mangosteen you sent was killer, FIGURATIVELY SPEAKING! I'm proceeding to tell her to renew the membership for Christmas..."
Ronnie TX

Thank you for bringing so much joy into our home each month! "My husband Raymond got me a subscription to your Exotic fruit club as a gift. It was one of the best gifts I've ever gotten - our whole family looks forward to each month's new arrival of fresh exotic fruits. We share the pieces, savoring every bite. Each one is better than the last! Our 2-year-old son Hari gets so excited whenever he sees the fruits; Of course, he is even more excited by the "special treats" inside. Thank you for bringing so much joy into our home each month!"
Bharat, Aruna, and Hari, CA

Monthly you receive top quality exotic fruits from around the world... "If you are either passionate about fruits or simply like trying new and different exotic fruits, this is definitely the way to go. My wife is a self-proclaimed “fruit acholic” and for years I would have to scour the depths of malls or online searching to discover her new fruits until I bought her one gift this year. Monthly you receive top quality exotic fruits from around the world and enjoy reading about the different fruits, etc. The fun for us is hardly the fruit (which is always amazing) but discovering new fruits and wine combinations. It’s a great program that has even turned this nonsweet-tooth person into somebody who can truly appreciate the incredible variety. And thankfully I no longer have search, someone else has done that for me and I can truthfully say that I hope their judgment on what is a fine exotic fruit way better than my previous guess work.
" Svetlana New York "

I simply wanted to strike down a quick note to thank you for your exceptional customer service and dedication to getting the job done right. When I had a problem with another Exotic Fruit Club, I looked you up on the web by accident, thinking it was them and flew off the handle at poor Tiffany. We figured out what was going on and she even handed me the number to the right club so I could solve the situation. Instead of renewing my Dad's Father's Day gift with the original company when it dropped dead, I decided to present you a shot. Although my Dad has only received three shipments so far, he called the other day and told me that there was no comparison between the two clubs! Thanks for your professionalism and dedication to a quality product." Payal New Jersy