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Exotic Banana Sampler
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Exotic fruits USA bring the juiciest and flavorful natural delicacies of Exotic Banana Sampler. You might think that because you're familiar with the banana you should focus your banana tasting on all the other delights that await you.

But when you see our exotic bananas, you'll realize they're a world away from the plantation bananas that you're used to. You'll find tiny milk bananas, shrimp bananas with red peels, ivory bananas that remain green as they ripen and all manner of other bananas ranging from thin to fat.

They're all worth a try if only because they're such delicious variations on an old favorite Nino Banana, Red Banana, Plantain Banana, Manzano Banana, Burro Banana 5 Lbs in your box.

Our Exotic Banana Sampler is picked at their peak, for freshness and only the best.

Our Exotic Banana Sampler is packed to order the day they ship and are most juicy and flavorful when they arrive to your door.

Every Exotic Banana Sampler is hand packed on the day we ship them. Many of our competitors pre-pack their offerings sometimes weeks before the gift is actually shipped.

Our quality and freshness are absolutely our first concerns. We include only the best treat for you. Send the best premium mouth watering Exotic Banana Sampler as gifts. Year-round